Immunization Requirements

Immunization Law – The Nuts & Bolts to Know

Refer to Chapter 246-105 WAC Immunization of Child Care and School Children Against Certain Vaccine-Preventable Diseases  for additional information about any of the bulleted points below.

  • Students have the right to attend school without the threat of exposure to certain vaccine-preventable diseases.

  • Students are required to be vaccinated and submit a completed Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS), or Certificate of Exemption (COE), before attending school. Refer to WAC 246-105-030.

  • State law requires schools to report immunization status by November 1 of every year. Refer to RCW 28A.210.110.
    • All schools are encouraged to submit annual data online via the Washington State Immunization Information System (WAIIS) as a preferred method.
    • Find information about yearly reporting here: Department of Health School Status Reporting.

  • Students not fully immunized, or students attending school under conditional status who fail to make satisfactory progress, must be excluded. Refer to WAC 246-105-080.

  • Schools must maintain immunization records and keep a list of students with exemptions on file. Refer to WAC 246-105-060.


The steps outlined in this toolkit will help keep students’ immunization records up-to-date and make yearly reports easier to submit.

Required Vaccines for Washington State School & Childcare Attendance

Individual Vaccine Requirements Summary: Guidelines on Immunizations Required for Child Care/Preschool and School Entry in Washington State for School Year 2016-17. 

Enables staff and those working with student information systems to understand the detailed immunization requirements as well as the immunization schedule based on the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).  You will find detailed information about the immunization schedule and the exceptions to the schedule that may happen when medical errors occur or when ACIP recommendations are not followed.


 Child Care Providers